Wedding LoveShoot Amsterdam

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A wedding photo shoot on another day than your actual wedding day… Do you know couples who’ve done that? We didn’t. Until we met Chenfei and Vivi that is! They hadn’t booked a wedding photographer on their official wedding day at the town hall in Amsterdam. The reason: they are going to have a much bigger party at the wedding party in China with their family. Makes sense right?

But still: they don’t live in China but in Amsterdam, Holland. Land of the windmills, canals and water. Lots of water! They wanted to incorporate that Dutchness into their Chinese wedding to surprise their family. Solution: arrange a fancy suit, shiny shoes/heels, stunning wedding dress, some kick ass make up, ask a wedding photographer and visit some sweet locations. So they did!

It might not be your thing: being fully dressed in wedding attire while you’re not even getting married that day. And granted: it does feel a little weird when passersby congratulate you for having the ‘most beautiful day in your life’. But apparently this is a pretty common thing to do in Asia and hey: you’ve got all time in the world right? ;) So afterwards Chenfei and Vivi changed into something more comfortable for a regular LoveShoot in Amsterdam. Sweet!

Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam windmill
Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam Proposal
Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam groom
Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam bride
Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam
Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam
Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam Autumn Fall
Wedding Loveshoot Amsterdam
Loveshoot Amsterdam
Loveshoot Amsterdam
Loveshoot Amsterdam

Maybe you’re also keen on doing a wedding shoot sometime before or after your actual wedding. Or maybe just a regular LoveShoot somewhere in Holland. If so: let us know by filling in the contact form. Or send us an email if all that Dutch is simply too much. We’d love to shoot awesome pictures with you! With a stunning white dress or just a cute summer skirt ;)

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